Quick Start Guide

Use this “owner’s manual” to get the most from the all the research and analytics tools available in Advisor Tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

More Tools

Portfolio Reporting Guide

This detailed guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to generate the various reports available in Portfolio Reporting.

Using Zacks Planners

Learn about all the features and reports of in this user manual for Zacks Planners

Zacks Planners Fact Finder

Collect all of your client’s financial information with this handy guide.

Setting Alerts

Learn how to set alerts on your watchlists, portfolios and other places in Advisor Tools.

Zacks Rank and Research

Zacks Rank Guide

The Zacks Rank is foundational to the ability to screen stocks and find winners in Advisor Tools. Use this guide to get the most from the Zacks Rank.

Zacks Rank for Trading and Timing

Learn more about the nuances of using the Zacks Rank in deciding when to get into or out of a security.

Zacks Rank Performance

See the impressive annualized returns for the Zacks Indicator Model and the Zacks Rank stocks over the last 30+ years.

Zacks Recommendation

The Zacks Recommendation aims to predict performance over the next 6 to 12 months.

Zacks ETF Rank

Learn how the Zacks ETF Rank works and how it can help you optimize your ETF asset allocations.

Zacks Mutual Fund Rank

Discover how the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank was built and how it accurately forecasts future fund performance.

Market Strategy Reports

Learn about our range of regularly issued reports including Earnings Trends, Global Week Ahead, Economic Outlook, and more.

Focus List

Discover our Focus List—50 stocks handpicked to beat the market over the next 12 months by Zacks Director of Research Sheraz Mian.

Zacks Sector and Sub-Industry Ranks

The Zacks Sector Rank and Zacks Sub-Industry Rank are two ideal ways to identify the best stocks in the best groups.

Model Portfolios

Earnings Certain Portfolio Family

An introduction to this family of outperformers, including the Admiral Portfolio, the Dividend Aristocrats Portfolio, and the flagship Earnings Certain Portfolio.

Quant Models Guide

Get an overview of all our Quant Models available in Advisor Tools.

ETF Model Portfolios Intro & Risk/Return Stats

An overview of our ETF Model Portfolios for all strategies, including performance and annual return data.

ETF Asset Allocation

See how our family of ETF Model Portfolios can help you optimize your allocations.


Intro to Excel Link

Learn how Zacks Excel Link allows you to have seamless workflow between Advisor Tools and your spreadsheets.


Get a holistic view of your clients’ financial holdings, so you can make more effective recommendations and help clients reach their goals sooner.

Pro Screener

Formerly our Advanced Screener, this brief PDF shares some of Pro Screener’s key features.

Pro Backtester

Formerly Research Wizard or Advanced Backtester, this brief PDF shares some of Pro Backtester’s key features.

Equity Quant Scores

Style Score

The Zacks Style Score is our proprietary set of indicators designed to help you pick the best Zacks Rank stocks according to key trading styles.

Earnings Score

The Earnings Score seeks to uncover stocks for inclusion and exclusion by analyzing earnings growth and earnings quality.

Earnings & Dividend Score

The Earnings and Dividend Score seeks to identify the top dividend-paying stocks with both consistent and growing earnings and dividend track records.

Price Response Indicator

The Price Response Indicator (PRI) is a model that takes into account a stock’s price behavior just before an earnings announcement

Insider Rank

The Insider Rank is our proprietary analysis of insider stock transactions to predict which of those stocks will outperform.


“Actual” Earnings Per Share FAQs

This document explains how our analysts “scrub” a company’s reported EPS to issue comparable earnings figures used in the Zacks Earnings Surprise.

Zacks Consensus Data FAQ

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Zacks consensus estimates and ratings.